Smooth Sail Vermont Complete Sailboat Assistance~
 Instructions, Lessons,
 Launching, Maintenance, Repairs, Rigging, Trailers, Companion Sailor program

This is the Sailboat Owner's source of help, for care-free sailing!
"Take the headaches out of Sailing." 

With today's busy lifestyle, who has the extra time it takes to prepare your sailboat for a sail?

Wouldn't it just be nice to know that all the details, from stem to stern, have been taken care of for you?
Considering that you're another year older...than the last season -
Wouldn't it be nice to have an experienced hand to help you when you need a bit of assistance?  In the boatyard, commissioning, at the launch, rigging, or on the water, improving your sailing and safety skills? 

"As a single mom and busy professional woman, I would never be able to enjoy sailing without the help of this service! I can't say enough about the expertise involved in this company!"
- Kathy B. (Essex, VT)


Don't you desire to feel more confident while you're out sailing?

Wouldn't you like be a competent sailor, who can sail safely and quickly? 


Smooth Sailing!

The mission of Smooth Sail Vermont is to take the headaches out of your sailing, so that you can maximize the enjoyment of your boat this summer!
We offer complete:
  • Sailing Instructions & Lessons - on your boat! Customized, private training.
    • Cruising

    • Racing

    • Spinnaker flying 

    • Catamaran sailing
  • "New" boat owners assistance
    • Boatyard orientation package
    • Shake-down cruise package


  • Sailing Companion program
    • on-board coach


  • Launching & Haul-out assistance
  • Mast stepping
  • Sailboat maintenance, repairs, upgrades
  • Seasonal assistance
    • commissioning
    • winterizing
  • Trailer maintenance, repairs
We love smaller sailboats too!  Experienced in sailing, rigging, trailing, launching and repairs on day sailors, dinghies, catamarans.

   Based in Essex Junction, Vermont,
 we can come to your boat and help you with everything.
  All you'll have to do
is climb on board and sail!

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