Smooth Sail Vermont Complete Sailboat Assistance~
 Instructions, Lessons,
 Launching, Maintenance, Repairs, Rigging, Trailers, Companion Sailor program

"New" boat owners

"New" Boat owners

It may not be a factory-fresh boat, right off the show room floor, but it's a "new" boat to you.

  Whether it's a hand-me-down, a small private sale or purchased through a yacht broker.
  What do you do?

  Boat-in-yard package
 We will:
  •  go over your boat from stem to stern.
  •  review the survey report.
  •  familiarize you with all aspects of your new toy. 
  • review what needs to be done prior to launching for the first time.  {visit "Launch Assistance" page for details}
  • schedule a "shake-down" sail to help you become familiar with your "new" boat  {visit "Sailing Instruction" page for details}
 We will go over the operations with any or all of the on-board equipment and systems.
  • sails
  • mast /boom
  • rigging: standing and running
  • motor 
  • plumbing
  • electrical
  • trailer
We'll do a safety review of
 Coast Guard requirements for your boat.
This package usually takes about 2 hours.
  Fee is $25 per hour

Ready to GO!

"We just wanted to affirm what a great  teacher John is.  I have been involved with teaching and education the entirety of my adult life and I know a good teacher when I meet one, and John is certainly superlative.

He has that special ability to break down complex knowledge through the use of analogy to comprehensible bits for the uninitiated. 

He is patient, sensitive to different learning styles and learning curves, and most of all, he has the ability to correct mistakes in a non-punitive manner without blaming or scolding.
As I said- all in all, a great teacher."

-Mr. & Mrs. Harry D.

"New" Boat owners

  Sailing package

Become familiar and confident with your "new" sailboat!

Have an experienced sailing instructor on board for your "Shake-down cruise".

  • You'll have an experienced hand on board to assist you, casting off from your dock or mooring with your unfamiliar boat.

Have an ASA certified, professional, instructor show you "the ropes"

  • Learn how the various sail control systems work on your boat, and how they affect the way your new boat performs.

We'll go through a series of drills, so you can learn how to maneuver your boat, under power, in tight spaces.   [Don't worry, we'll start in open water! ]

  • We can go to an anchorage and put down (and retrieve) your anchor.  Become familiar with this critical safety skill before you need it!

 Safety skills:

  • We'll review sail reefing and practice reducing sail.   Learn when to make this important safety adjustment.
  • You'll practice the MOB [Man-Over-Board] drill so you'll gain the confidence to deal with this unlikely (but critical) situation.

This package usually takes 3-6 hours.
    Fee is $50 per hour 


"Thank you for all your help with sailing this summer.  I learned a lot and really appreciated that you make the extra effort that is so helpful for all the many details.  I think you are a first class teacher." - Mr. F. E.  (Essex, New York)

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