Smooth Sail Vermont Complete Sailboat Assistance~
 Instructions, Lessons,
 Launching, Maintenance, Repairs, Rigging, Trailers, Companion Sailor program

Launching and Haul-out assistance 

Mast raising / stepping
Halyard rescue / retrieval

Don't try to launch solo or put your family and friends through the challenges of launching your boat!

I assist you with everything to get your sailboat ready for launching, from where ever the boat is located.

{visit  Maintenance / Repairs section for all the services available to prepare your sailboat for launch day}

Trailer launched boats:
  1. checking the rigging, hull, spars and sails.
  2. check out the trailer:  lights, hitch, wheels
  3. help stepping your mast 
  4. adjust your rigging so your mast stands straight!
  5. attach the sails:  jib or genoa to fore-stay or roller furl system
  6. mainsail to boom and mast
  7. getting the boat to the water (even backing the car down the ramp) 
  8. moving the boat off the trailer and into the water
  9. move the boat to a mooring or slip
  10. assist with mooring tether or dock lines and fenders



Lift launched boats:


  • make sure boat is ready for launching (sea-cocks in proper position, etc.)
  • attach sails: jib or genoa to fore-stay or roller furl system
  • mainsail to boom and mast 
  • assist in moving boat to mooring or slip
  • help with mooring tether or dock lines and fenders
  • help with dinghy /launching

                           Mast raising and lowering done with a "Gin Pole".
                                                             Deck hinged or keel stepped masts
                                       Safely and easily at the launch, at your mooring or at anchor.
Need help hauling your boat,
 or preparing it for the winter?
We can help with any (or all) aspects-
  1. trailer (or cradle) check before boat is hauled and loaded
  2. assistance at the boat ramp, loading the boat on the trailer
  3. remove tiller /rudder (transom hung)
  4. take mast down
  5. ready boat for towing on the road
  6. clean /scrub hull at the storage site
  7. remove sails and pack for storage
  8. drain water system
  9. remove batteries
  10. drain and change lower unit oil [outboards]
  11. winterize motor [outboards]
  12. winterize Port-a-potty
  13. hang moisture absorbers
  14. cover with tarps
Halyard Retrieval:  we've all done it - sent a halyard up to the mast head - and NO one wants to go and bring it back down!

Call for the "Halyard Rescue".  We come out to your boat with a LONG pole to pull the wayward line back to deck.

The pole is collapsible and can be transported in a dinghy.  Much safer than climbing the mast.  No need for a Bosun's chair, no need to drop the mast.
Reach is about 30 feet or 9.1 meters
Well worth the $40.00!
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