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Getting your boat trailer ready for a State Motor Vehicle Department inspection, or just making repairs? - We can help you!
Our Trailer Package looks at all these items, or we can just take care of any individual item. 
  • trailer lights - bulbs replaced, lenses cleaned, contacts cleaned, wiring repaired /replaced, plugs serviced (or replaced if needed.)
  • hitches lubricated
  • wheels removed / lug nuts/bolts lubricated
  • hubs removed / cleaned, greased
  • bearings pulled / cleaned, greased (replaced if needed.)
  • wheels re-assembled :  ready to roll
  • tire pressure checked
  • boat rollers checked / serviced (or replaced)
  • bunks / pads:  serviced (or replaced)

Fee for Trailer work is $40 per hour
                         (+parts and materials)

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